Not satisfied with your current fundraising results?
Try asking the hard questions.

This DIY Development Audit is created for you, your team and your board to work together to pinpoint your organization's unique strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan to bring in more than enough funding for your nonprofit.


For a limited time only! 
I am giving away the first chapter of the DIY Workbook -
Module One: Start With The Why?

What is a Development Audit?

A Development Audit is an internal assessment of your organization's fundraising infrastructure and your readiness to embark on new development ventures. The Development Audit looks at the involvement of board, staff, and volunteers in the fundraising process and uncovers obstacles to maximizing the use of resources available to the organization. It further evaluates the advantages and drawbacks of your development systems and exposes areas that need to improve. Once the Development Audit is complete, the organization can begin to develop a strategic plan, building on strengths while addressing the areas unveiled as deficient. 

Why does my organization need a Development Audit?

You want to consider a Development Audit when you are: 

  • Preparing to embark on major gift or capital campaign
  • ​Restructuring your development program
  • ​During leadership transition
  • ​Wanting to take your program to a higher level
A comprehensive Development Audit
can help an organization to...
  • Address opportunities for future growth
  • ​Develop the infrastructure for smart long-term sustainable fundraising
  • ​​Dramatically increase your profitability and revenue
  • ​Raise money more efficiently
  • ​Overcome weaknesses
You, your staff and board members can spend a huge amount of time with interview meetings, observation intrusions, and thousands of dollars...
...with the end results a report that repackages survey results and meeting notes...

Or you can invest in this 
DIY Development Audit assessment tool!
Who knows your organization better than you? 
I have put together this self-evaluation course that will take you through the process step by step on your own time and at your own pace. I will be your resource and guide. You will not be alone.

Meet Mary Lee Walker 

I am passionate about teaching nonprofit organization best practices that will help them to be more efficient and effective in achieving their mission.
Over the years, I have raised millions of dollars working with limited resources, constricted budgets, and a variety of board personalities.
I have over 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience, mainly with smaller-sized grassroots nonprofit organizations.

Now in my consulting practice, I am using my education and experiences working with nonprofits to achieve their mission and long-term growth.

As a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), I uphold the Donor Bill of Rights because it is the foundation for ethical fundraising. I adhere to the AFP's Code Of Ethical Principles and Standards because it separates me as a professional from those… who just aren’t.

I look back through my journey, and the common thread is service. I strive to use my gifts and talents to make the world a better place. I do this by coming alongside the organizations I work with to help them achieve their mission goals. I am a nonprofit gladiator fiercely advocating to make the world a better place.
  • ​Association of Fundraising Professionals Master Trainer
  • Experienced in Nonprofit Leadership
  • ​Experienced in Small Business Management
  • ​Master of Science in Communication
  • ​Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Adherence to the highest of ethical standards

Let me help you save time and money.

It’s up to YOU and YOUR TEAM to DO THE WORK
I can give you the checklists and walk you through the process. 

You could pay thousands of dollars to hire a consultant to do surveys, observations and interviews, or you can DIY.

This DIY Development Audit is a 6 module interactive program to help you, your staff and board to work together as you do your own evaluation with the expert guidance of Mary Lee Walker,  the Nonprofit Gladiator.  


Are you ready to ask the hard questions?

How would you rate your organization?
Start with Why?
This module focuses on the organization’s purpose and begins to build the case for support. How do you rate yourself on the fundamentals of a sustainable operation?

Focus AreaS
• Purpose
• SWOT Analysis
• Values
 Who’s On First?
This module will assess your internal and external audiences of supporters, staff and clients. Human resources are your organization most valuable asset. Are you using them effectively?
• Staff
• Board of Directors
• Donors
So What?
This module focus on rating how well your organization is communicating its case statement, including branding and donor relations, and how effective is the overall organizational structure to deliver results.

• Impact
• Branding
• Culture
Where are you going?
This module will focus on setting fundraising goals and timelines to achieve these goals.
• Strategic Planning
• Goals
• Budget
How are we going to Do This?
This module focuses on those systems in place that give structure to an organization. Does your organization have policies and procedures for a sustainable operation?
• Policies
• Technology
• Performance 
How are you managing?
This module focuses on how effective and efficient the organization's leadership. Just how productive are you? Do you have the right procedures in place? Rate your organization on how managerial leaders take responsibility for creating an environment in which all personnel feel supported and motivated to produce quality results.
• Leadership
• Organizational Structure
• Effectiveness
The DIY 
is self-guided so 
that you can take
each step when
you are ready 
to tackle that area. 
Once the 
Development Audit 
is complete, your
organization can 
then begin to develop
strategic plan 
addressing the areas 
pinpointed as 
needing improvement.
You work 
at your own pace!

And I'm there
every step of the way!
Build on your
 organizations strengths
Overcome your
Address opportunities
for future growth
Dramatically increase your profitability and revenue
Raise money more efficiently

Get everyone on board working together
How can you drive home the results more?
Get as specific as possible.


What's included?
A Six Module DIY Workbook
This workbook is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of assessing your organization's readiness to raise funds and support your organization. This self evaluation forces you to pin point what's really behind the scenes. This workbook  asks the tough questions that reveal areas your organization needs to work on. I encourage you to share the modules with your top leadership staff, volunteers and other major stakeholders. Having your team share and compare answers will uncover blind spots and build consensus.

A Facebook Support Group

This Facebook Group is set with security settings on private so only group members can see posts and comments. No one outside the group can see who are members of the group. This allows up to three members of your team to participate in a safe place conducive to sharing information with complete confidentiality. Each participating team will be at different stages within their own organization. You can share experiences and learn from each other.

Instructional Videos
Each module will have accompanying videos explaining step by step how to answer the questions or rating scales. I also give definitions of terms, describe concepts and explain tricks you can immediately implement.  

Live Q & A

The DIY Development Audit Facebook Group will have regularly scheduled live sessions where your individual questions can be answered and shared with the group. Be prepared for surprise guest interviews and lecturers.

Plus a One-On-One Coaching session 
You will join me for a one-one one session to discuss your preconceived weaknesses and needs. Each organization has its unique challenges. This session will allow me to gain knowledge of where your organization is in its life cycle and I can then adjust my group training accordingly. 


A 6 module workbook 

Private Facebook support group

group Q & A Coaching  

Instructional video training


1 -1 Coaching Session with Mary Lee Walker
Total Value = $5,000+
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A 6 module workbook ($500 value)

A Facebook support group ($500 value)

Weekly group  Coaching Calls ($500 value)

weekly video trainings ($500 Value)

1 -1 Coaching Call with Mary Lee
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