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SWOT is cool, but strategic thinkers know that there is a point which:⁣⁣
- Strengths become weaknesses
- Weaknesses become strengths⁣⁣⁣⁣
- Opportunities become threats⁣⁣
- Threats become opportunities ⁣⁣
Strategic entrepreneurs and leaders find the greatest insights hiding behind SWOT.
- Richie Norton

The Nonprofit Gladiator's 
Guide For SWOT 
Get your free copy of my template on how to use SWOT for your strategic planning. Now is the time to take a good hard look at your unique situation. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. I use this tool in the strategic planning process for the nonprofits I serve. But there are many more applications, including in the for-profit corporation, personal development, and as a post-mortem look at events. When combined with a Stop, Start, and Continue model, this tool becomes a plan of action to improve your life or your organization. Download your free template today.

My mission is to teach nonprofit organizations and their leaders on how to be more efficient and effective in reaching their goals.
I achieve this mission by teaching sound business principles applied to the nonprofit sector.

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What Are People Saying About Mary Lee Walker?
"A team player, who can shift between contributing and leading..."
Mary Lee is a clever problem solver who thinks outside the box to find solutions. She is a team player who can shift between contributing to and leading a team. She is careful and ensures that no detail falls between the cracks. 
Suzanne Lafata
"Has proven her fundraising skills with great success..."
Mary Lee is a competent nonprofit professional with passion in her soul. She has proven her fundraising development skills with great success by including the Mary Lee touch. 
Kathy Bennett
"She is extremely responsive, thinks several steps ahead..."
Mary Lee is a joy to work with - she is extremely responsive, thinks several steps ahead, and always gets the job done (and done well!). A valuable asset to any team!
Karen Flood

The Fundraiser's Game of Life
Do you want the real scope on how fundraising works? The Fundraiser's Game of Life takes the reader on a journey of a nonprofit through the various life stages:  toddler, youth, teenage, maturity, and decline. In the book, I give insights gleaned from my nonprofit career. I share these experiences to help you avoid pitfalls and implement the best practices that will get your nonprofit to the next life phase and you to your next best step in your career.
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